On the way

You will be mighty sick and tired of seeing this bike in the coming months, but I'll try my best to keep the backgrounds interesting and changing, next up -Chile. 


Work in progress 01

Been working on my bike all week, my best buddy has been invaluable helping with everything from fitting the tanks to teaching me a bit about the black magic called electrics... It's going quite well and it's great fun, went for a test ride yesterday and had a blast! :D 


New bike!

I'm in Sweden working on my new bike which I'm planning on using on a big trip later this year. It's a 690 Enduro R, 2011, just rode it for 10min before starting to take it apart, the plan is to make a Rally style adventure bike, let's see if it will work out...


VMX July 2013

Yes! I'm up to speed with the blog, this is from TODAY! I joined the Curry Speed Club for the endurance races, ridiculous fun, absolutely great! 

Marc, this guy did exactly what we planned...