Phone dump

The view from my new favorite road.

The Japanese have no limits to what they do with their Honda Apes and monkeys, love it!

"What do you mean officer, not enough tire pattern left?!"

The inside of my mufflers look wicked, is this normal? Of course it's normal that my mufflers look wicked inside!! ;)

Turbo Honda CX223, built from scratch!

Gotta grab my real camera sometime and go for a walk in the neighborhood, the way people park here are pretty creative, check the clearance to the roof!


MotoGP Motegi

Casey Stoner back in good form.

The americans checked if the gravel pit was in good condition. Of course it was, this is Japan.

Randy de Puniet wasn't too sure if the americans really checked it properly though...

Rossi and Lorenzo had a epic battle, no love wasted between the two of them!

"This way??"

"There are only three sports: mountain climbing, bull fighting and motor racing, all the rest are merely games." Ernest Hemmingway

MotoGP Motegi 125 and Moto2

Marc Marques, unstoppable.

Are you looking at me punk?!

Moto2 traffic in the first corner.

Toni Elias style is just great, no one hangs off like him, amazing.

MotoGP Motegi Impressions

Rossi checking the 125s start. Us checking Rossi. No one checking us.

Scott Redding, the youngest rider in Moto2, he's been having a tough time after running over Tomizawa a few weeks back at the Misano race. Very nice guy, congratulated him on his 5th and wished him good luck in the future, he was happy.

Dovi. Should be happy, finished 2nd, best result this season.

Colin Edwards, 5th in the race and genuinely happy.

Yamaha Tech3 boss, forgot his name, doesn't look happy but who knows...

Ben Spies.

Ben Spies ass. Maybe happy.

Lorenzo not very happy.

Hiroshi Ayoama, happy to be home.

Parking on the oval course, cool, very cool.