I totallly forgot!

Ola bought a beemer! It's great and hopefully we can upgreat even more, I'm thinking mx-knobbies and a little high fender to make it ready for the gravel roads back home... mm mm.

The previous owner is Jens over at thecartorialist.com


Dusting off the bookshelf...

... has it's perks it seems, for example, you get to put all your bike-models together on the table and pretend that you own the real ones! It's also ok to play with them a little bit since they are just waiting there for the time being... It's ok right?


A little Night Ride

A little Night Ride from Martin Petersson on Vimeo.


Aaaahh, it's soon finally time to get on with the CB650 that me and Ola bought this summer, during autumn we've gotten the black parts painted and I've got a big bag full of parts bought over here in Japan. The current state of the bike is like the last pic while the first one shows the abomination it was when we got it. Pic 3 and 5 are my photoshop-visualizations and hopefully where we will finally end up with this little project.


Sketchbook RC T-shirts

YEYYAA! A t-shirt with a bike-sketch which I made, I feel awesome today :) My mate Piers over at Derestricted spent quite a few hours converting and cleaning up the paths in order to make this print, can't wait to proudly stroll around in Tokyo in it, my god, life as I know it is over, celebrity-parties here I come! Nah, but seriously, it looks real nice, get it now over at the -273 store.


I forgot...

...this TW! :)


Mooneyes Yokohama Outside 3

A LOT pictures from Mooneyes Yokohama Custom show, really cool event, I enjoyed the outside more than the actual show inside. So many really nice Japan-style customs, seriously -Japan is the shit!

BTW, blogger sucks, why can't you add pictures as a group or batch?? I took me almost 1,5h to make these 4 posts... bah!

Mooneyes Yokohama Outside 2