First time skiing in Japan! :)


I bought some Asahi beer the other day :)

I can understand the point of a 2liter can yes, but the small one -135ml??!


Min vän...

...åkte hem till sverige förra veckan, jättetrist :(


Motegi 1

Twin Ring Motegi last monday, coooold but a few brave bikers out on the track. We headed inside to check the Honda Collection Hall, a museum displaying mostly Hondas but also some of the other japanese makers bikes and cars. An absolutely amazing collection and we've been lucky to be almost alone, great stuff! I've been in love with the RC166 and RC174 for a while, but now I know that I want to marry both of them! Bee-aa-uu-tiful bikes -and the early formula stuff aren't too bad either...

Motegi 2