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Ok, the picture is blurry and all that, but at the platform in the back there's around 10 people dressed up as crocodiles. Or dinosaurs. Yes.


Ducati update/modification?

I've been thinking about making my tank slimmer to the seat cause it hurts like hell after a day of riding and now I'm planning to let the guys at Animalboat do the cut-an-weld work since a) they seem to be very nice (and skilled) people b) I don't have a workshop and c) anyway don't know how to weld... But! I do know how to handle Photoshop ;)  Above: the original Ducati 900 S2, below in red: current state of the bike and under that the mods I'm considering. What do you reckon dear internet?

Planned modifications:
1. Cut and shorten the subframe loop about 20mm and make a new, higher and more curved seat.
2. Higher rear shock pickups to put the shocks in the same angle as the frame tubes.
3. New stay for the rev-counter to position it more vertical, facing the rider.
4. The big one -cut the tank in half and make it slimmer to the rear.
5. Some paint and stuff.
6. I want a steering damper. (yes I know it has to be mounted more or less 90degrees to the fork or have like a pivot where it's mounted, but it looked bloody good to have it following the tank...)
7. (Last pic) Awesome Surtees/Hailwood 250 Ducati GP-racer front nr-plate found in recently acquired awesome book called The Art of the Racing Motorcycle

Update. Not sure about that desaturated blue, in any case I don't have time/space for disassembling the bike to paint the frame, so for this year the bike will be red. Like this maybe: