Britten no.3

I want this bike more than anything in the world.  

Sometimes it makes sense to be in a picture yourself, just to be able to prove that you've actually seen something like this in real life, but sometimes you also look like a twat and have a helmet hairdo and funny glasses-shadow-stripe-thingies on your face... So there you are, I've seen a Britten and right now I regret not having touched it... damn, why didn't I just touch it a little bit?!


MC Collection, Sweden

We stopped by at the MC Collection outside of Stockholm during our trip, they currently have Britten no3 on display and we didn't want to miss the opportunity to see it in the flesh. It didn't disappoint and the rest of the collection was much better than we expected so I can only recommend a visit if you have the chance. Will post a bunch of Britten pics in a separate post soon and also their boardtracker collection which was brilliant! (Couldn't manage to make a good cut of pictures so here's almost all of the ones we took)



But suddenly, disaster... WTF!!  \( > < )/