Monkeying around

Monkeying around from Martin Petersson on Vimeo.

 Photoshop test.
Tamiya prototype...

Perfect friday night at home! 


Carr Magazine

If you're interested in car and bike design sketches there's an excellent mag made by a mate of mine called Carr Magazine, my diesel-Zoomer is now sporting a fancy sticker from named mag and the attention and interest from the Tokyo-leute is immense to say the least, I reckon it has boosted sales of the forth edition beyond imagination.

Marek, how about sending over some mags in return for this free advertising? Same address as last time, thank you very much! ;)

Also, check the sketchsite at simkom.com


RC166 progress

Made a little bit of progress on the Tamiya RC166 last week, got some red paint on the tank and tail, looks good but I think one more layer would be even better. It's just... you know, I'm bound to screw it up if I paint one more time and then I have to sand it down and shit and I'll be pissed off with myself and it'll be standing on my desk for another few weeks and so on... To paint one more time or to not paint one more time, that is the question. 

Btw, saw a nice sportster a few days ago, I'm no Harley fan, but this stuff I like! 



This is how it looked leaving Tokyo this morning, would like to say that it was worth it but there was people and stupid cars everywhere and finally it started raining and we came back home soaked. That's what you get from messing with the first official holiday of Golden week...

Tokyo-Ebina from Martin Petersson on Vimeo.

Btw, Zoomer is fixed and well again :)



I'm a moron. Just bought a used Honda Zoomer (Ruckus) from a friend at work, perfect for scooting around town, slow but kinda fun. First time at the gas station I got a bit confused cause I always use the high octane petrol for the Ducati, but there's a regular option aswell as diesel. I wanted to get regular for the Zoomer, but in a flash state of imbecilliness I didn't bother to ask which one of 3 options it was. Yellow I know, it's the high-octane. That leaves green and red. Red felt like a caution/warning color in my mind at this moment and I didn't want any trouble so I picked green. That was my only real argument for picking green, wtf?? On the way back home it got quite clear that green is diesel. Why oh why is it so difficult to ask first...




The Ducati is running fine though, new chain and stuff, going riding the coming days, will put together a riding vid of that hopefully. It's a long time since I posted anything of the Duc so here's a iphone pic of her showing off the new gold chain.