RC166 progress

Made a little bit of progress on the Tamiya RC166 last week, got some red paint on the tank and tail, looks good but I think one more layer would be even better. It's just... you know, I'm bound to screw it up if I paint one more time and then I have to sand it down and shit and I'll be pissed off with myself and it'll be standing on my desk for another few weeks and so on... To paint one more time or to not paint one more time, that is the question. 

Btw, saw a nice sportster a few days ago, I'm no Harley fan, but this stuff I like! 


  1. No, Don´t paint one more time, leave it as it is.
    And I can also live with that Sportster even if I hate Harleys. But add also the family van in the back. Need it too.

  2. I'm still walking round and round like the cat around hot porridge (that might not make sense in english...), it's just that the red is a bit on the orange side and would need to be darkened down, hard to see in the picture, but in reality it's not really there yet... but I know I'll cock up and have to start from scratch...