GSX-R and CB

Eh... manga-girl seat covers... eh... ok... but... eeh...


Bike trip to Nagano (or somewhere around there...)

For some reason I decided to rent the most uncomfortable bike in world, KTM 990 SuperDuke R. Fantastic bike, but that "seat" is no fun after 2 full days of riding...

Ducati MH900E, nr.1148 out of a limited series of 2000. I rode behind it a few times and the sound is just great!

Buell with NOS... I don't even know how you come up with the idea, but I love it :)

K. Roberts replica leathers signed by Edwards and Rossi, yes please.

Headed out saturday morning for somewhere close to Nagano with people from Honda, Yama/GK, Kawa and Suzuki for the yearly motorcycle-designers meet, great roads and supernice people. Onsen bath and japanese dinner in the evening, managed to avoid karaoke and won "sleeping in a real bed instead of on tatami-mat" in a late night stone-paper-scissors battle! Definitely a good weekend! :)


Random 001

HP2 Sport in Tokyo! Respect, sure costs a fortune over here...

Went to a bike shop last weekend, they had a pretty decent selection of Öhlins dampers and adjustable footrests and around one gizillion exhaust system and mufflers hanging from the ceiling... "Oh yeah, I'll have the ridiculously big one for my Dragstar then..." That's a 400cc Dragstar btw, eh, yep.



Some pics from the Fuji-trip, these bike gangs are called Bosozoku, meaning "violent running gang", but we stopped and got some pictures of their bikes and they were real nice actually :)


Bike trip to Mt Fuji

Derek from Kiska came visiting and we decided to rent a couple of KTM:s to go and have a look at Mt Fuji, it was real nice and the roads in Japan seems to be brilliant! Super quality and actually quite empty. I think it took us 1.5h to find our way out from Tokyo, but once we got ourselves a map it all went well. Weird to ride on the "wrong" side of the road, but not as difficult to convert as I thought. And the 990SMR is awesome, great fun to ride, just needs a different set of pipes...

Internet! It could be the future...

Finally got internet sorted out at home, so I'll soon start posting again, until then you have to make do with this pic of the life-size (18meters tall) Gundam statue they built to celebrate the 30 year anniversary of the mecha-manga series. I guess it's a classic "only in japan"... m.