Bike trip to Nagano (or somewhere around there...)

For some reason I decided to rent the most uncomfortable bike in world, KTM 990 SuperDuke R. Fantastic bike, but that "seat" is no fun after 2 full days of riding...

Ducati MH900E, nr.1148 out of a limited series of 2000. I rode behind it a few times and the sound is just great!

Buell with NOS... I don't even know how you come up with the idea, but I love it :)

K. Roberts replica leathers signed by Edwards and Rossi, yes please.

Headed out saturday morning for somewhere close to Nagano with people from Honda, Yama/GK, Kawa and Suzuki for the yearly motorcycle-designers meet, great roads and supernice people. Onsen bath and japanese dinner in the evening, managed to avoid karaoke and won "sleeping in a real bed instead of on tatami-mat" in a late night stone-paper-scissors battle! Definitely a good weekend! :)

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