I've been having this strange feeling that I'm supposed to get a black suit...

Do not.


Tokyo Motor Show Highlights

They had normal cars and bikes and stuff as well, but I'm sure you can find that on google...


R1 Bike trip -Trinity British classic bike club

Stopping for breakfast on the way out from Tokyo we spotted this group of oldtimer bikes, after talking to one of the guys we figured out that they all belonged to Trinity British classic bike club, which if I got things right is a kind of school for grown-ups where they learn to restore old bikes, we got invited to come by and have a look at what they do, should be good fun, I hope I get around to actually do that...


R1 Bike trip

Rented R1:s with Andi this weekend, a bit scary being on a 180ps bike but they really kicked ass! Sooo much fun learning to ride a sportbike. Stayed at a japanese style ryokan and had a pretty much perfect weekend, also thanks to my swedish friend Rasmus who speaks japanese which is quite useful when you try to find somewhere to sleep out on the countryside. Would love to do this every weekend...

R1 Bike trip -Riding pics


For Bede.

Put this little (crap) movie together of my train ride from Kyoto to Tokyo with the Shinkansen Nozomi line. A very undramatic and relaxing journey, expensive but totally quiet in the train and good service and enoooormous leg room! All for you Bede! :)

Hmm, don't know why the movie appears so small... btw, they are pretty punctual as you can see.



Took the Shinkansen down to Kyoto with Andi this weekend, a absolute must when in Japan! Very impressive temples and shrines. People who don't like to sleep in a 24h manga-kissa (internet/manga cafe) should probably book a room before... I will join this group of people in the future because to sleep in a little internet-cubicle-thingie is really not that cool, good to know though. :) But it was anyway a nice little trip and for you who plan to visit -do plan for a couple of days (weekdays if possible) in Kyoto, because it's just great!


Tsukiji Fish Market

Crawled out of bed at 4am this morning and took the first train down to Tsukiji fish market together with Andi. It's one of the biggest fish markets in the world and we checked the frozen tuna auction and all the other fish and squids and stuff. Finished the morning with a delicious tempura breakfast! m.