Suzuki Cervo

Suzuki Cervo, top in white, is a car I haven't seen before, but damn I want one! Supersmall, I think it's a 2-stroke 3cylinder, looks great, unfortunately I didn't get the chance to hear it during our quick stop at this little parking area at a lake somewhere in Nikko. Will do some research about that one...



Last sunday we went for a day-tour up to Nikko area, cold as hell, but all-in-all a really nice day. We saw Kegan falls and a Nikko temple and more importantly -the Duc ran perfectly all day! ;) Tomorrow I take off for India, will be the opposite of last weekend I guess, currently just below 40 degrees in Pune... Got a couple of rental Royal Enfields for most of the trip, will be brilliant!



Fuji and Custom House Stinky

Been to Mt Fuji last weekend, this time we went up to the fifth station which is the one most climbers use. Cooooold up there, easy to understand why the recommended climbing period is late july-end of september. On the way back we stopped for a late lunch and stepping out of the car I realize that we parked right next to CHS, Custom House Stinky! CHS is a Yamaha SR specialized custom builder and I've been thinking that I have to make a visit to check their bikes so I was mighty happy to stumble across the store/workshop without even trying to get there! It's actually just one guy, he's an expert in doing seats and GFK bodywork, the engine stuff are done by other local workshops and mechanics. I only had the phone for taking pictures, hence the crap quality, but please check the website for some fantastic SR bikes! stinky.jp