Wet weekend...

As I said in the last post we made a little trip this weekend, been to a very nice onsen in Nikko, it was raining a lot on the way there but my bike put up a good fight with a little help from gaffertape and 7eleven ice-cups to avoid rain from going straight into the carbs... I expected some drama from my italian lady, like "vaffanculo, why in the padres name are we out riding in this shit weather, can't you see I'm almost naked?! that's it, screw you stronzo -I'm gonna misfire all the way from here to la mia casa!" but to my great surprise we had none of that -awesome! :) Also proper drinking yesterday night and looots of time spent in the outside baths -good stuff!


Duc 900

Been spending a lot of time in the garage, sorry -parking space, in my building lately, bought a bike-stand which meant I could finally take off the front forks to mount new head light holders and a new front fender and lowering the rev counter+speedo. Dropped the forks through an extra 10mm to get a bit better stance as well. Also mounted a mini-mirror that I found at the local Ducati dealer, ridiculously expensive but looks great I think :) And you can even see things in it!! Like what's happening behind you and stuff like that! Now I'm looking for different rear shocks to lift the tail of the bike a bit, feels too low right now. People tend to look at me in a kind of strange way when they come home and park their bicycles and see my lying on the floor, dirty and sweaty with tools and parts all over the place, but I reckon that's their problem... Another thing is that the parking area is video monitored... so the old security-boys in the building might be wondering why i've been taking-off-putting-back-taking-off-putting-back-taking-off-putting-back the front forks, head-light and front fender a million times... well it's because I can't measure things properly and have to re-do and re-drill things over and over ok!! Anyway, been good fun lately, tomorrow we are going for a weekend trip with some people from work, very much looking forward to get up on some bendy roads again!


Maximes TW

Very clean, nice work Maxime!

India trip in moving pictures!


India trip in pictures 2

Thanks Andi-Eddi-Julia for the pics!



Subarashi!!! Fantastic good fun, used to follow sumo back home a little bit when they showed it on eurosport, but seeing it live was just great! I warmly recommend it if you visit japan at the time of a Basho/tournament, great atmosphere and very involving. No career change planned though... but my doctor did say I'm a bit fat actually... hmm, maybe, but then again I'd have to wear that belt-diaper-thingie... I dunno...