Last week at Motegi

Motegi Impressions November 2010 from Martin Petersson on Vimeo.

No clue why the sound starts spontaneously at some parts of the vid, tried to resave it a few times but figured that since there will be no Oscars won for this one I might as well give up.

I'm in a up-giving mood today.


When I snapped this photo I wasn't even aware of the exclamation mark, I thought it was funny enough that using this product is 'easy & surprise', only later did I realize that there was no L but an ! :)



My mate Piers over at Derestricted has been doing a few Bikensteins lately, so I got a bit motivated to give it a go myself. This one is based on my nr1 dream bike, the Britten V1000. Now, if anyone would actually attempt to build this bike for real, they should be shot, because if you have a Britten to start with you sure as hell should keep it as it is! In my mind however, this one would be possible if you'd have a crashed Britten to use for an engine donor and then some mates over at KTM to supply the Freeride concepts bodyparts and someone down in Italy would have to nick a few things from the Moto Guzzi V12 concepts aswell, but if all that can be sorted I reckon you have a mad cool wheelie-machine! Stopping power is another issue all together considering those tiny little wave discs though...


Enduro 5h-race

Last weekend. Raining all day, 5-7degrees, 5hour enduro-race, 3 riders per team, 100 teams and mud mud mud... Thanks to hot spring bath afterwards I'll put it in the "it was fun" category :)


Kendo -Japanese championship

Hmm, quite interesting to see the Japanese Kendo elite, but at the same time strangely dull. They are insanely quick (too quick for me to capture on camera...) and accurate, but so good at defending themselves that the type of clean, perfect hits that you'd expect from them kind of fail to materialize. Glad I went to see it though, haven't seen such a contrast between movement (the kendokas) and static standing (the referees) for quite some time. :/