The coins.

Where quite a lot, almost 140.000yen! Look what I could get for that:



And why do I want that so much? Because that's the preferred bike for our Tokyo-Melbourne trip! Ah, and what could be better than starting a trip like that by buying your bike with coins!? :) I'll keep you posted.


Mama Aiuto and my coin bag.

Ok, Ola is a big fan of Mama Aiuto, it's a Miyazaki-character and he kind of said 'wouldn't it be cool to have a big-ass Mama Aiuto on the bike?', I said 'mjnaa' but today I gave it a try, he's pretty intense that guy and I quite like it. Pretty far from a classic look, but the bike is anyway turning more in the direction of bulldog than primadonna so maybe it could work? And Piers, do you make heat-proof -273 stickers...

Secondly, I hate coins. They are useless and dirty. I also kind of dislike plastic cards. It's faster with cash I reckon. So I'm quite cash-based, especially here in Japan where it's complicated enough going to a shop and stuff anyway. So I end up with a lot of coins that don't get much love. But their time has come! First time I filled my coin bag was in Austria, where I decided to buy a ticket to Japan for holiday if it was enough in there, it was. Almost 800euro that time, it paid for both ticket and hostel during my stay, neat. Last time was less and I made the rule that it's only allowed to spend coin money on things that I really want, but do not NEED. Because they don't really exist do they? They are lying in a bag and if that bag would be gone I would have no clue how much it was or wathever so they are living in the twilight-zone of things existing somehow. My current bag has been full for months, but I've ignored it until now, it's time to get something I don't need!

Here's a few things I don't need:
Playstation 3 and the latest MotoGP-game
A Honda Gorilla
A Yamaha TW (damn, it will not be enough for that but I REALLY don't need that)
Go to Cuba with Christian (hmm, but when...)
A sofa. Nah, that's cheating, I need that.
Shit, I don't know, can't think of too many things now, but wanted to specify the rules before I start counting that I can't come and later say 'oh, I bought a sofa for my coins, brilliant ey?' nope nope, cheating it is. That's that, will start counting now.


Ritmo Sereno

Made a little excursion to ritmo sereno today together with mr signor Antonio-san, very nice place and the guys took some time to show us their workshop aswell -cool. The racing BMW is so very pure, I'm properly in love with it.   ritmo-sereno.com

BTW, been stuck reading threads at advrider.com lately, well worth a visit for anyone who dreams about some biking adventures. Here are 2 good ones to start with:
The BAM-road
A rodie in motion


CB 650 some pics

 The CB is about to ride the "pulka" to the basement, bike made it, pulka not.

CB650 crappy movie...

CB650 project x-mas 2010 from Martin Petersson on Vimeo.

Hmm hmm, it's interesting how one set out to make a fantastic movie-thingie and then just forget about filming because it's too much fun working on the bike. So there's almost only Ola fooling around in this one. But that's also quite fun I think, so it's not all bad.



Trying to put a little movie together of our CB650 project, but realized that I deleted the clip where we finally got it running... Anyway, it was great to spend some days in the basement and we got quite far actually, waiting for the seat to be done now and then some electrics issues needs to be sorted but otherwise all good! We think it's all good at least...