The coins.

Where quite a lot, almost 140.000yen! Look what I could get for that:



And why do I want that so much? Because that's the preferred bike for our Tokyo-Melbourne trip! Ah, and what could be better than starting a trip like that by buying your bike with coins!? :) I'll keep you posted.


  1. naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa....

    that much of money in coins???

    i dont believe u!!


  2. They pay you too much if you can keep that much in coins lying around! ;)

    You should start exporting bikes. I'll sell 'em in Sthlm. Like selling roofies to rapists.

  3. Yep, no joke, 140.000yen, but I've been emptying my pockets from coins every day for 1.5years so it all kinda mounts up. And they have 500yen coins here which also helps to accelerate things a bit.

    Jens, I wear a white uniform every day at work and we have a sort of company-national-anthem which is playing morning, lunch and evening -I reckon my salary is in balance with the mental suffering ;)

  4. Tokyo-Melbourne trip?? Curious!! (Och vad tyckte du förresten om september eller oktober, när passar bäst för Tokyo-food-extreme 2.0? Vi kollar in biljetter)

  5. Såg precis ditt svar i förra inlägget - då lutar det nog åt oktober. Lite för hög luftfuktighet i september också, eller hur?

  6. I'm having a lot of fun with your adventures.
    Keep on speeding!

    BTW: crazy the "National Anthem", 1984 sort of, brainwash! Baahaahaaaa!

  7. LOL @ "sort of company-national-anthem which is playing morning, lunch and evening". Bizarrre.

    man those bikes look like they would be fairly relaxed to travel on, good choice. And look great too. WOuld it help to put some proper MX tyres on em? dunno.

    tank looks well small though, will mean a lot of stops!

  8. ElSolitario, thanks for the nice words! :)

    Piers, I guess the pace will be quite undramatic with TW:s yes... and fuel consumption will be rather high with the balloon-style tyres, not sure if mx-tires would do any good, they wear down pretty quick riding on tarmac you know.

    And I can't believe your comments about our company anthem, it's the very glue that hold us together damnit!! Blasphemy! Brainwash, naaaaahh... ;)