Ritmo Sereno

Made a little excursion to ritmo sereno today together with mr signor Antonio-san, very nice place and the guys took some time to show us their workshop aswell -cool. The racing BMW is so very pure, I'm properly in love with it.   ritmo-sereno.com

BTW, been stuck reading threads at advrider.com lately, well worth a visit for anyone who dreams about some biking adventures. Here are 2 good ones to start with:
The BAM-road
A rodie in motion


  1. I love the smell of that place
    maybe also they are happy!

  2. what on earth is that BMW??

  3. The base seems to be a R80, but its probably a big mix of custom-made stuff and other beemer parts. In any case -great!

  4. Great to see some pics from Ritmo, I just returned from a 3 month stay in Seoul and Tokyo, but I missed Ritmo. Have you ventured out to the Honda Museum north of Tokyo? I did not manage to go there, but it should be great!

    Best regards

    Jonas Lysgaard


  5. Hi Jonas, yeah Ritmo was nice, small but real nice atmosphere. The Honda Collection Hall at Motegi is fantastic, been there a few times, it's a great collection, here's a link from my visit there a year ago.


    Just started scrolling through your weblinks, all in the right spirit ey! :) Love the name teufelskerle!! Ha ha, brilliant!

    How did you enjoy the bike-culture over here btw? I think it's awesome, hope you had a good trip!

  6. Great to hear from you, I primarily stayed in Seoul where I got friendly with the Royal Enfield Club


    I had great plans for my stay in Japan motorcyclewise, but it ended up being mostly sightseeing with a few trips to the Ueno area. A friend of mine toured Japan on his Danish nimbus motorcycle some years ago, there might be something interesting for you on his blog: http://www.nimbustripinjapan.blogspot.com/

    Greetings from Denmark


  7. oh yeah, I think I've read about the Nimbus-guy before, that bike is cool! Lot's of reading ahead of me now, I hope I can understand most of the danish on teufelskerle, your royal enfield trip looks sweet so I'd like to not only stare at the pics but also enjoy the story. I rode an enfield in India last year, funny bike, tires made of wood as my friend put it :)

    All the best mate, will try to leave a comment every once in a while over at your side of the web, cheers!

  8. Great, some of us will come to Tokyo this summer. There might be time for a beer.

    all the best


  9. Sounds excellent! But be warned, end of june-beginning of july is rain season, and july-august is humid as hell and temperatures over 30 is quite normal, it just sucks you dry of energy if you're from our parts of the world... Beer is ok in any conditions of course! ;)

  10. meeeeen...
    u've really been there???

    envy envy envy!!!


  11. That's me standing to the right, the place is really cool and the guys were super nice, even the coffee was good and that's difficult to find around here!