2012 Winter.

Yes, then winter came and I did lots of skiing and stuff, but I reckon you don't care much about that, so here's a pic of the best street art I've ever seen instead. 

X-Mas touring Tokyo 2012

Continuing my recap, this was from our city-tour last x-mas, 
8 santas but only 1 reindeer... riding a misfiring Ducati... terrific :/


Dirt Quake II KTM 1190 Special

Playtime... Been too long without doing any bikesteins, so today I put this together, the base is a KTM 1190 Adventure, add to that some Bott XR, Deus and Radical Ducati and finally finish it off with a Jason Poznat tank.

Damn I wish I had something like this in real life!


Animal Boat sketches

A few sketches I made for my friend Mukasa-san at Animal Boat after the Tsukuba race.