Olas Triumph

...is starting to look pretty good! Gambaru Ola-san!


Spice customs and Ken

Been out riding a little bit yesterday and I stumbled across a couple of cool places. First Spice motorcycles who's bikes I've seen on different bike blogs and it was really nice to see some of their work up close. Brilliant rough dirty workshop, 5-6 guys smoking and working on the bikes, looked like fun... Later I stopped to check a ducati store which turned out to be owned by old japanese racer Ken Araoka, can't say that I know him from before, but he won a Suzuka 8 hours and was in the same Suzuki team as Barry Sheene, Paul Smart and Gary Nixon back in the 70:s, cool! He showed me some pics from his racing scrap-book and then indicated that I should keep my Ducati in a better and cleaner condition...



So, hmm, how to explain and justify why I've gone and bought an unreliable italian bike while living in Japan? No clue, but it feels great to have done it! It's a Ducati 900 S2, but with SS bodywork, imported to Japan 85, the papers doesn't say anything about actual production year but should be 83 or 84. 72hp according to spec-sheets and great sound, like REALLY great sound!

So far I only made a few rounds in town, but I can't wait to take her out on some curvy mountain roads and get to know her a bit better. Sooo good to have a bike again! :)