I'm a moron. Just bought a used Honda Zoomer (Ruckus) from a friend at work, perfect for scooting around town, slow but kinda fun. First time at the gas station I got a bit confused cause I always use the high octane petrol for the Ducati, but there's a regular option aswell as diesel. I wanted to get regular for the Zoomer, but in a flash state of imbecilliness I didn't bother to ask which one of 3 options it was. Yellow I know, it's the high-octane. That leaves green and red. Red felt like a caution/warning color in my mind at this moment and I didn't want any trouble so I picked green. That was my only real argument for picking green, wtf?? On the way back home it got quite clear that green is diesel. Why oh why is it so difficult to ask first...




The Ducati is running fine though, new chain and stuff, going riding the coming days, will put together a riding vid of that hopefully. It's a long time since I posted anything of the Duc so here's a iphone pic of her showing off the new gold chain. 


  1. Very good greetings from India, I see new bike is in your stable. But it feels very slow and not fast like indian Enfield. Here all motorcykles is going on Diesel. Is the bikes in Japan so very bad they are not funktioning on this? I have very, very good supplier of good Enfields.. I can set up a meeting for you my friend. only small bakshish is required... Very many hugs and kisses from sunny India

  2. Ah, Prabu my friend, again your connections are so very useful, at this moment however a fat and angry japanese man has just fixed the bike, it's healthy and happy again. I have btw started to grow a beard and hope to one day have a big and joyful hairy face just like yours. By ganesha, it shall be done!

  3. @Hindu Praba. I think I recognise you, have seen you somewhere in Europe? I wonder where...? Hope you all guys are doing fine! Nice to read what´s going on M, keep on posting!
    P from Sweden.

  4. By Krishna my name is Prabu na, not Praba. I have never been to crazy Europe.

  5. Praba? Just say you should be lucky I did not write Prada. :)
    Nice to hear from you anyway, I´ll send an email later on - still think I got your emailadress saved. Is it not Dindu.Prabu@enfieldturbotuning.com?

    //Best regards, Peter

  6. What the f... it should be Hindu, not Dindu. Sorry for that, No wonder my email bounces back?

  7. Well mister mister, I would not mind som good name like Prada, he is rich and fortunate but Praba is a Hindu name for unfortunate sisterfu....