This is how it looked leaving Tokyo this morning, would like to say that it was worth it but there was people and stupid cars everywhere and finally it started raining and we came back home soaked. That's what you get from messing with the first official holiday of Golden week...

Tokyo-Ebina from Martin Petersson on Vimeo.

Btw, Zoomer is fixed and well again :)


  1. You passed some nice "fast & furios" cars there. But in that kind of traffic, also the Zoomer seems like a better option, even with diesel in the tank!

  2. Greetings from India,

    I very much like you writing again on blog. Looks very dangerous traffic i Japan. May as dangerous as in lovely Mombay, Are the diesel zoomer good again or do you want som good quality diesel enfield? I am sort of missing you my friend, when are we seeing you in spirit of India? Very many hugs //Prabu

  3. Hey guys, sorry for not commenting myself for a while, been busy with visitors over here. Great fun to get some comments though, makes the blog worth wile and the conversation in the last post was hilarious!! Just a hint, you two have never met... ;)