Britten no.3

I want this bike more than anything in the world.  

Sometimes it makes sense to be in a picture yourself, just to be able to prove that you've actually seen something like this in real life, but sometimes you also look like a twat and have a helmet hairdo and funny glasses-shadow-stripe-thingies on your face... So there you are, I've seen a Britten and right now I regret not having touched it... damn, why didn't I just touch it a little bit?!


  1. Hello putte,
    Sweeet haircut..
    I´ll give u a call during the day,

  2. sick...
    go neu seeland!!! :)
    I'm not a bike freak like you, marty,
    but I was also so in love at first site with these britten bikes. Also interesting, and sad behind stories make it such an icon.
    // Dooj

  3. Doojin! nice of you to pop by and comment, yeah the background makes it very special, imagine what John Britten would have done today if he'd still be alive... :(

  4. Touch it? Why not just french kiss it?!

  5. i can do one better - i've sat on one AND have photo evidence :)

  6. Du skulle provsuttit, det gjorde jag :-)