Motegi 2


  1. Wow. I'm jealous :) Looks like a fantastic collection

  2. Yep, fab collection, I love when you can get real close to the bikes like that, could spend days in there... good luck with the SR btw!

  3. Nice!!! Motegi, always wanted to go there.
    /Peter - SWE

  4. Peter, had a quick look at your blog just now, dissecting the K46 is pretty good fun right!? :) I can warmly recommend Motegi if you have the opportunity some time, btw did you go to the new swedish museum? Is it good, looks like it had a pretty decent selection?

  5. Hi M!
    Yes, the 46 is great. More bhp then in the data sheets...
    The new museum "Mc collection" in Solentuna is really nice. Next time you are here, please stop half a day and go for a visit there. Many nice bikes, some are rare as well. Dieter, friend of Ola thought it was so good he bought a free entrance card for the whole year. Tells a little bit about how good it is.

    My blog sleeps now and then, depending on the mood for the day.
    Training session starts now for new dealers and technicians, meaning late days at work.

    See you son I hope!
    Rgds Peter