Funabashi Autorace 2

This was supposed to be the much better second post about the Funabashi Autorace, but since I'm incompetent and forgot to charge my camera battery I only have a few crappy phone-pics and a video (still dragged the camera there and back of course...). Cold like hell today, but we endured till the very end to see the final race of the year, one happy racer cashing in 32million yen!!! Me and Ola actually won as well in the last race, a whopping 2000yen which we spent on coffee at Starbucks in order to try to heat up again...


  1. Hi,

    We went on the 27th I think it was.. Fun, but not as busy as I would have expected. Had a great time and also managed to get someone to explain to me how to bet.. So I spent the enormous sum of 2000 yen and lost it all :)
    Thanks for the help in finding it.


  2. :) good stuff, it was probably a bit more busy during the last days, but unfortunately I think it's just the betting which is the action for a some people. And since the japanese are a bit reserved in general it gets a bit silent up on the tribunes...