New hereos. (Or "piece of shit white nr1"...)

How to loose money at the races: pick some random numbers (or your favorite colors), bet more money than you should, cross fingers and wait for your heroes to finish last... works every time...

Autorace at Kawaguchi stadium, Tokyo. Go fast -turn left, like speedway but on tarmac. The bikes are just great, really oldschool, they are all running the same engine (Suzuki AR600 especially developed for this racing) 2speed, asymmetrical handlebars, hardtail, almost no sponsoring crap but fantasticly weird color and trim, a footstopper thingie on the right side of the bike and also a kneestopper on the same side to keep their right leg pinned to the bike and they are properly loud.

12 races per day, 4 days of racing, not sure about how many racers, but seemed to be quite a few and the ages ranged from 19 to 65!! Damn, now I know what to do when I'm retired :) Have to get some of the names of the bikes translated, cause at the moment I can only remember "Metal Slime", but seriously, you just got to love it! :D

(Not really a) Insider tip: don't bet on nr6, green, anyone who put that jersey on sucked. And white nr1... what a f..king clown, had my perfect combo, 4-2-1, in the right order starting the last lap in the last race and then nr1 just drops 4 positions in one lap... mmggrrrr, bye bye money...


  1. This is great! You're my new favourite. Enjoy the honour, because I'm very fickle. G

  2. Hi Martin,

    I will be in Tokyo in a couple of weeks. Any chance you could send me some references as to where and when I might find Autoracing? Probably not on during the Xmas holidays like everything else. :(

  3. ahhh me so jealous-i loooove loosing money!!!!

  4. Adriaan,
    at the end of the year there's a big 5-day autorace at Funabashi auto track, starting 27:th of dec. http://www.funabashi-auto.jp/

    Racing starts at 10.00 and ends at 16.40 every day. Access is easy, JR Musashino Line to Minami-Funabashi station, the track is just next to Ikea. http://www.funabashi-auto.jp/access/ See you there!

    Andi-san, next time you come here we have to go to the races, I bet you'll loooooooooooove it, and i'm sure you are really good at loosing money too!!! :)

  5. Cool, look forward to that. from what I gather public life more or less stops around new years' so I am trying to plan ahead as much as I can :)