Beer and airsoft in Nagoya

Headed down to Nagoya saturday to have a beer with my old design-school friend Pontus. Perfect little trip, met some really nice people and we ended up playing airsoft with them on sunday -really good fun! Some of the guys had the full gear, including bullet proof vests and comm-links and both red and yellow smoke and mags bigger than the guns and bloody cameras on their helmets and 2 sidearms just in case their main rifle would jam so that they could end the session in proper Hong-Kong action movie style! Mad.

A normal M16 replica sets you back 30.000yen. Which is a almost a bargain when you think of it... then you just need a helmet and mask and some camo-gear and maybe a sidearm and it might be nice to have one of those mega-mags and proper army boots and maybe a camping chair to rest in during the breaks...

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