Mooneyes Yokohama Outside 3

A LOT pictures from Mooneyes Yokohama Custom show, really cool event, I enjoyed the outside more than the actual show inside. So many really nice Japan-style customs, seriously -Japan is the shit!

BTW, blogger sucks, why can't you add pictures as a group or batch?? I took me almost 1,5h to make these 4 posts... bah!


  1. Great pics Martin!

    It seems like every weekend is a custom bike show in Tokyo! Are there any rules to keep them street legal or they don't care?
    I only build on really old bikes as that way I'll know I'm on the legal side.

  2. Wow, lot of bikes with no or super minimal suspension. That shit must hurt! Dude, send me your address and size, not sure I got the latest address or not.

  3. @Jens, thanks, there's a lot of bikeculture to check out over here. If I got it right it seems that japanese rules are quite strict, but not allowed to be enforced by the police, only their version of bilbesiktningen/TUV/MOT are allowed to "fail' your bike. That plus that bikers are badass and do as they want of course! ;) For example, it's common that your dealer rents you an stock exhaust for your approval check and then remounts your loud pipes immediately afterwards.

    @Piers, I'm dying to find someone who'd let me testride a 'typical' jap-harley, I'm not a big fan of the american iron in general, but piste-bike style handlebars and curled up legs like that must be well strange and well worth a try. Now, WHO would like to trade with my Ducati for a day...

  4. you can uploud a bunch of pictures if you use the new editor.
    cool pics!

  5. Hey, that totally works with the multiple uploads! cheers! ;)