Sketchbook RC T-shirts

YEYYAA! A t-shirt with a bike-sketch which I made, I feel awesome today :) My mate Piers over at Derestricted spent quite a few hours converting and cleaning up the paths in order to make this print, can't wait to proudly stroll around in Tokyo in it, my god, life as I know it is over, celebrity-parties here I come! Nah, but seriously, it looks real nice, get it now over at the -273 store.


  1. This lovely shirt is very very good,
    do they come in very big sizes for big indian style men``???

  2. hehe, happy to make you happy man. We sold a couple already but we should have made some XL really rather than S as we have had a few requests for XL. Doh. Yours should be on their way to you already. cheers dude.

  3. I would definitely get one if you make it in XL, since I know Mr Knoen himself :-)
    Keep ´em coming,Ilike these shirts!
    //Peter A