Duc 900

No posts for a long time, been busy latey, but yesterday I finally took out the Ducati for a spin outside of Tokyo. She's not too keen on stop and go traffic in the city, but coming out on the expressway and then up some curvy little mountain roads seemed to please her! And me! It's really an amazing bike, there's a lot of drama in terms of sound and vibration which makes slow speed feel fast enough, but what surprised me a bit was how well it seems handle on a bendy road, nice! A bit on the heavy side and the clutch is hard as hell but all in all an absolute joy :)

A friend at work is preparing a gfk-sidepanel for me, to cover up the battery side, looks a bit rough at the moment with it completely open. And I can't make up my mind if I should keep the front fairing on or not, bought new front light holders to get it closer to the forks, but kind of like the big bubble look... neeeh, musikashi...


  1. u sucka said nothing to me about this jewel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    shame on your dick. but not on u!

  2. Aah, but you see that's exactly the point -I knew you'd react like that so I felt no need to get shame upon my dick and be called a sucka too soon! :) and I also didn't want to embarress you since you still haven't been for a proper ride with your cb400... And I believe you have it for 3years already? Shame on YOU! but not your dick.

    But a jewel indeed! 'ug-'ug!

  3. oh jehs ei noo! but my intentions are brave ...