I've been crap at blogging this autumn...

...but here's a recap in pictures.

Neat architecture scale models.

Polite reminder...

Crazy scooters.

Insanely expensive new rotors...

Motegi MotoGP paddock

Super GT?

Tamiya model, Honda RCV212 Nakano.

Bread in individual plastic bags... wtf!

Great little trip over to Europe and Eicma.


Had 'Painful Ramen', it was good.

Washed and tumble dried a lighter by mistake... it blew up.

Hondas balloon man. Right. 

Well hello there, good to see you again!

Yes! It's Handy Hand! :) 

Mooneyes Yokohama Show.

And finally, I met Shinya Kimura, awesome guy, that salt lake racer is just fuckin incredible in the flesh. 

Now, I'll try to get into this blogging stuff again, pick up my camera every once in a while and all that. Until then, oyasumi nasai.


  1. I love RC-E, my compliments!!!
    C U

  2. I was sure I could see your handwriting there man! some seriously nice mape design going on - very cool bike!

  3. Cheers monsieur Pdaj! :) Looking forward to see some electro-funky-stuff from you too in the soon future!

  4. Listening to Johnny Cash "Hurt"... "...what have I become, my 'swedish' friend..."
    take care buddy 'n hope to see you soon - and keep pumpin' out cool shit like that H concept bike!