California May 2013

Still trying to recap this year... Been to California in May to visit my friend Christian, got a SuperDuke from another friend for a 4 day trip up to Yosemite and back, someone could have told me that nature in California is absolutely amazing! :) We had a blast and were really a bit taken a back by the beauty of the places we past through.

I had a tiny crash as well which always makes you feel great when it's not your own bike, the owner was really cool about it though. Completely shot his rear tire too, but got a new one on the go, just to realize the morning after that Christians was even worse! Another stop to a tire shop...

And... some people thinks it is appropriate to dry your sweaty socks on the windscreen of their 20.000$ bike. But I have a hunch that it's a bit unusual to think like that...

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