Chain of thoughts...

Last post made me think of my mx-bike which is all lonely (kind of... sometimes Andi tries to kickstart it...) in a garage outside Munich, I miss that bike.
Remembering the bike made me think of a awesome trip to Hungary some years back, which reminded me that I lost my kickstarter somewhere in the forest or on the applefields down there (oooh, those applefields, throttle pinned in between these mega-looong corridors of trees, so sweet!). That created a bit of drama since I had to be kind of careful not to stall the bike at a shitty place for push-starting... but good stuff nonetheless.

Thinking of the mx-bike then made me think of my other neglected bike, the Kawasaki...

A fair bit of money went into that bike to make it run and quite a few drunk hours on Andis balcony sanding and spraypainting stuff, loved every minute of it though!

That led to thinking of the trip to Paris which was the main reason for all that (hard? incompetent?) work. That trip was le brilliant!!

The moment pictured above on Champs Elysees in the pissing rain was kind of crap though..
But this was just perfect, red wine and friends in the warm evening next to the Seine.
So that made me think of the trip the year before that, Germany-Denmark-Sweden-Finland-Balticum-Poland-Chech Republic-back to Germany, also great trip! Somehow strange to be a tourist in your own country!

Yep, sweet sweet stuff, thanks again Peter for letting us have the bikes for a week (sorry about the wheelies...). Anyway, I then remembered the second part of that trip, on the other side of the Baltic ocean...

It started good enough...

But soon turned into exactly what you could expect from the Fins!!! ;) What the fuck!!

It'd be a shame to end this post like this, so I'll add some good memories pics for the end...
(We actually watched WRC Finland, but those pics deserves a post for themselves)

Good times, miss it a lot lately and miss all you guys, hope to see all of you soon again! Martin the sentimental crybaby signing off... :.(


  1. Nice reading. Good feeling in the MX pics.
    Hope to meet you soon here in Europe again.
    //Peter - Solna

  2. ha, nice post dude, nostalgia can be sweet sometimes. Be cool to have u back over here, getting kind of empty! Well, not so much in my house, cos we got a new addition, but in the office, yeap.