Rain season...

Rain season just started... got a few great days of riding last weekend though, but now it will be kind of rubbish for a while it seems. It's so humid that even when it doesn't rain (like in the pictures above taken from my flat when I came back from work today) it's like breathing some kind of hot sticky slimy substance... and this slime has no resemblance to normal air whatsoever. (:O No genki. And this is just the beginning... Anyway, been a while since I saw a rainbow, so that's always something. :) (And I look kind of slim in the first picture, nothing could be further from the truth though! )


  1. Here it is also rain season.. Swedish Summer.
    I lost my driving license för 3 months, crap!
    Take good care!

    //Peter - BMW Motorrad Sweden

  2. Oh no, sorry to hear that Peter, sucks...