This weekend was supposed to be brilliant... borrowed a Honda CRM250 from a friend at work to join some guys offroad riding + bbq close to Mt Fuji. Been more than a year since I've been on a offroad or mx-bike and I was mighty much looking forward to this, especially since I've seen pictures of their earlier trips and it always looked like great fun. Got everything ready friday evening for an early take-off on saturday, my mx-boots finally got to get inside from standing on the balcony for 10months, googles where properly cleaned and lucky underwear brought out.

During the day however I felt kind of weak and rubbish and when I after preparing my gear finally checked my temperature I had 38.4... WTF. Had I believed in God I would have been seriously pissed off with his ill-timing, but as it stands now I could just surrender to nature, stay at home, listen to an audiobook, watch motoGP qualifying and Argentina-Germany... not happy.


  1. Whooa sucks! Much worse than my predicament Being locked out of the car for a week during a rare fantastic European heatwave !?

  2. Dam that sucks, bike looks pretty fun. 250 2 stroke? Those things are mean. Got to be happy about the footy result though!

  3. Oh, being locked out is a real bummer, saw your fancy ride -sweet! Sold the mx5?

    Piers, 250 2stroke, but very gentle ponys...

  4. Crap! Well, I lost my driving license 2,5months ago for speeding. That is worse then missing one or two days of riding... believe me. All S 1000 RR track days, enduro events, everything gone :-( But on the 20th of august I am back in business. Take care, hope the temp goes down to 37 soon :-)