As I mentioned in the last post I kind of caught the Tamiya-bug, it actually started even before that visit to the Tamiya headquarters and their showroom because a guy at work gave me a CB1100R model kit for free after I promised to take part in an little exhibit... stupid stupid me... Of course I could not leave it at the level of just building the CB the way you should, I had to go and customize it. I was strongly influenced by Wrenchmonkees CB750 build, shown below here, my personal favorit among their very nice bikes.

Now, you'd think I'd at least be smart enough to take some pictures of the final model before the exhibit, but you'd be wrong, so here are a couple of dirty iphone-shots which is all I have for the moment. I'll make some proper shots once I've got the damn thing back.

Thanks Kuro. ;)
Next up: Honda RC166...


  1. Weird my comment disappeared. Anyway was something about being so short of space in Tokyo you have been forced to downsize to work on toy bikes! Great job though man. Looks even more fiddly than working on a real bike.