Summer holiday (japanese style...)

Finally got some time off to make a dash back home to europe, turned out the whole thing had a certain japanese touch with different countries and cities almost every day... Munich for a couple of days, Salzburg for one evening, back home to Sweden for a week with stops at "Alo the enourmous" place, home-home and then Stockholm, all in all great fun to see everyone even though it was supershort.

Andi posing with my KTM 250, if you would only have some kickstarting-skills you could actually hit the MX-track mate! The Kawa Z (below with the rest of the bunch) started though, don't really know what to do with it, but it's time will come! Andi -thanks for keeping the bikes safe and happy!

Christian ended up with saturdays birthday-party cake in his trunk... 914+cake=pure awesome.

He he, can't wait till next summer to try out the new little toy!

Cool to see and test ride Olas Triumph, love it, that tank is just fantastic!

This is the latest addition to the gang, a CB650 -81, somehow ugly and cool at the same time, we reckoned that tank and exhaust system could be kept (well, engine and frame aswell obviously...) and with a bit of paint, a new seat/tail unit and suspension we should be able to get something decent out of it. I'll keep you posted on the progress (which will be slow), me and Ola bought the bike for 10.000sek and we have a total budget of 25.000sek so let's see what we can do. Great fun to start stripping it down together, can't wait to sit in a freezing cold garage at christmas holiday to shape a seat-tail foam mockup and hopefully put some painted parts back on?! Looking forward :)

Have patience little cb...

Marcus and Lisa and Markus came by at Olas place for some Carrera-racing, beer and pasta. Perfect evening, it was supernice to see you all again! Good luck with the new job Marcus!

For some reason I have no pictures from my own birthday party, but it was in any case great fun to see all of you who came and big thanks to Luri and Lompy for arranging everything!! :) Good to be home for a short while, see you soon again!

And on the flight back I got reminded about how cute the japanese are, this is an announcement saying that you should take it easy with the booze during the flight, because otherwise you might get totally drunk and funny and start dancing with your tie around your head, ha ha, soooo true! :)


  1. This is your very good friend Hindu who got a very good opportunity to finally se see ur very good and nice little homepage, a very good job indeed you have going there, i had a very good laugh at the nice nice tank about jesus.. By Krishna i laughed and laughed and my village thougt me be cracy, but please keep send me more of this nice little endeavours. I thank the Bramha u are home in Japan with funny looking people and I miss u very much.. hugs and kisses from Hindu..

  2. Hi! I have been away from your blog for a while. Love all the pics and funny stories. Hope to meet soon again!
    //Peter - Sthlm