Fuji strange ride

Yesterday was somehow strange, joined a friend to go riding with a group of his friends and quickly got reminded why I normally don't do big groups... we were standing still more than moving, fuel-coffee-toilet-stops being the main focus of the day... but nice weather and a very nice lunch break at a strange blobby building close to mr Fuji made it a pretty nice ride anyway. In the afternoon I went alone to check a small road which I've been curious about because on the map it seemed like it would connect two of my favorite roads, it looked small and indicated that i'd have to cross a pass at almost 2000m -perfect!

Starting from a small village it took me around 20-25min to reach the top, the road being littered with leaves and dirt and fallen branches making it a fantastic playground to avoid all these little obstacles. I could feel the altitude and it was starting to get a bit dark and cold. And I was completely alone. No one on the road. No houses next to the road. Not even any vending machines which here in japan means that you are surely out in the wilderness!! It was a brilliant ride with very mixed road condition and also width of the road which added a special flair to it. The top was closed though and I felt strangely alone and disconnected up there. decided to roll down in neutral with the engine shut off and had an near magic ride only hearing the wind and a surprisingly well greased and smooth sound from the bike, no rattling or anything. Weird not having any drive out from the turns but otherwise brilliant, more like skiing or something. And then it hit me, that something is actually bicycling... something I've come to think of as a boring and primitive version of motorcycling... an activity linked with tight pants and go-faster-shades, but I might need to reconsider all that now, because this strange, silent and smooth ride down went straight in on the top ten list! Confused.


  1. haha, excellent, should try gliding down like that at Saalbach, or leogang on the DH tracks with doubles and wooops and silky smooth berms, with epic view all around, with a decent bike. As good or better than any MX riding I have done.


  2. :) you might be right, I should pop by sometime in any case, bike riding or not. Like that derestricted is featuring a lot of motorcycles these days, when and what are you getting for yourself btw? Thanks for commenting mate!

  3. Should do man, although now is getting cold, so could bring your planks. Yea, Im trying to focus derestricted a bit, cut down on the variety although still keeping some of that stuff. What bike, hmmm, such a hard question! All I know is I AM getting one next summer. Shortlist so far is a ktm exc 250f or 450f with supermoto tyres, a Hornet, a duke (although its over my budget), an old XT500, old rd400, or something else decent for under 4 grand! Maybe a classic bike.
    WOuld like an smr990 but its just ridiculously fast and way too expensive for me.

  4. Ah, yes yes, a RD400 or 350 would be sweet, never had a 2stroke streetbike but it just has to be good! And even though brakes and stuff will feel old And a bit tired I reckon an RD still handles well compared to other more normal 80s or 90s bikes. Go for it Piers! Unfiltered motorcycling is the way to go mate! ;)

  5. Yea, I like the idea, but then I think of the handling and figure I might as well just get an exc 125 or exc 250 2 stroke and get supermoto tyres on, then i got REAL unfiltered motorcycling, but also amazing handling, brakes and acceleration! Plus an old RD will take probably as much money (and loads of time) to make good as a 2 year old 125exc would cost me anyway. Ahhh, well I have all winter to keep trying to figure out what to get. Today im leaning towards a supermoto EXC 2 stroke!

  6. As you can now tell, been leafing through the pages of your scrumptious little blog. If this Isn't an opportunity to rave about the purity that is mountain biking today, I don't know what is. And forget the theme-park-bike-park-man-made world of Pier's ranting. If you can really get out there in the big mountains, really get up there where there is nothing but you, your thoughts, peace, and your bike, there really is nothing better..
    And then, the feeling of smoothing out a gnarly rocky tight and steep decent back to civilization is such a pure and simple adrenalin rush. Let's ride next summer.
    Just one thing though, please stay away from all things lycra and aerodynamic.. or I will instantly lose all respect for you as a designer.... ;)

    (ah yeah, so jealous of your bike.. In fact, so jealous, that I can hardly look at it, in case I also end up spending every last bit of cash that I don't have)