New dancing shoes!

Been riding the Ducati on a set of tires of unknown age, not too bad, but the rear was pretty worn down so I figured I'd upgrade for this autumn and while doing so trying to fit a wider tire in the rear (yes, for looks). Easier said than done... the tire manufacturers are not exactly focusing on 18inch wheels these days :( Finally found these Pirelli Sport Demons which added 10mm to the rear with a slight decrease of tire diameter, had to sign half a million papers at the dealer that I took full responsibility for mounting a different size to the recommended one and all that. In any case, they fit just fine and handling is from my point of view a big improvement which was a bit of an relief since they kind of scared me with all those papers about how potentially wrong it all could go :/

And indeed something went wrong. Not the tires though, but I realized that the piggyback on my spanking new rear suspension, from aussie outfit Gazi, is hitting one of the bolts that holds the rear brake caliper. Cock. Fixed it from the inside now and it seems to work. Tomorrow I'll check it properly. I totally dig their products, no fancy colors or ultra-chromed springs and fixings, just black springs and titanium/black body -neat. And very friendly and service minded sales people, been a pleasure dealing with them.

BTW, if you're bored: fuldans.se

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