Nut-butter, Hellmart and Antiques cafe

Lately I've been at some very nice and very japanese bike/geek/ottaku shops in Tokyo area. Today I went with Antonio to Hellmart which was really amazing, packed with old helmets which the owner kind of restores or rather refreshes on the inside and then sell to ridiculous prices. I ended up buying one of course... :/

The cool thing is that they are always so welcoming and friendly and curious about where you come from, what you ride etc, it's something that I often miss back in europe, this genuine service-mindedness. The last pics are from Antiques cafe, which was so nice that me and my friend Nicholas ended up spending 3-4 hours talking about bikes and chatting with the owner and eating excellent food  before we finally left for home. Good time.


  1. You Sister F&%&#r how are things in lovely Japan where all good things happen to you? I am extremly happy for you my friend. I soo want to come on my very old and unpolished Enfield to visit you, maybe drive to some mountains and watching pretty girls Yes!! I see you have been busy buying helmets for expensive money Yes. I take from India instead and send you how many you like, only 500 rupies.

    Hugs and kisses to you my good friend,

  2. Ah, Prabu my friend, things are not so simple, a helmet is not just a helmet but a kind of turban like the one you wear yourself. And you like that turban to be a bit special don't you?

  3. I offen travel to Tokyo, can you tell me the name of that Cafe, food looks great and so does the bike atmosphere?


  4. Hey Neil, here's the link and map:



    In my opinion it's well worth a visit even if it's a bit off from Tokyos central areas, not many bikers there when we went but it was pretty damn cold so maybe not so strange. Food=excellent!

  5. Ok thanks, its locked in for my next visit.

  6. Can I just check that address? If I pump that url into google maps it doesn't look like the shop front on their website?

  7. Try to copy this one to google maps:
    it's the correct japanese way of writing it.

    And if you follow this link http://antiquescafe.blog114.fc2.com/ to their blog and scroll down a little bit there is a map-picture and also google-maps link.

  8. The front of the building as viewed from Google maps doesn't have the cafe name on it. Is it still in existence then?

    Surely I guess they don't put the sign up after they open?


  9. Hey Neil, I was there last weekend, it's still there! I checked the google streetview and you're right though, it looks different, but if you check the spotlights mounted on the wall seen in the street view:


    and then compare it with the picture here from their blog:


    then you'll notice that the lights are the same, I guess it's just that the google streetview pics are older than the cafe. The name of the previous place seems to have been Chez, but no worries mate -the place is there! :)

  10. OK thanks. I had another look and realised that maybe the streetview was taken some time back.

    OK I'll report back. Any other bike related spots?

    I went to Ritmo last time but they were closed! At the races. I find Uneo pretty ordinary.

    Thanks Neil