Tamiya RC166

After going to the Axis exhibition of the handmade bike models I felt ashamed of my own neglected RC166 Tamiya model. It's been standing on my worktable for about 6 months without any progress...


It's good fun, but oh so frustrating, some of the parts are hardly possible to grip with tweezers. But I have good inspiration from my coffee cup and figured out how to see what I'm doing when I'm spray painting stuff on the balcony at night, double sided tape kicks ass! I also realized that it helps to do things in the right order, not just start with the bits that looks like the most fun to do, weird.

And btw, while I was working on the model the old Asimo decided to take Freddie Spencers NS500 for a spin and don't you think he managed to crash it and brake the left grip... What a twat. 

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