Strange times...

Very very strange and scary times right now, after the quake 2 weeks ago (which scared the living shit out of me) I went back home to Sweden to take a bit of 'holiday', feels wrong to be here but equally wrong to stay in Japan. Been trying to keep my mind busy by spending some time in the basement at Olas place, working on our bikes. The CB has taken a rather different turn after we tried to put a Triumph Thruxton tank on it, just to have a laugh actually, which we then really liked the look of. But only after I spent a few days sanding down and painting the Dunstall tank we had from the beginning... to then put it on the shelf... together with the rubbish seat we had made by a guy that completely ignored my foam-mockup seat...

This is how it looked before, kind of a 'broken' feeling where the tank meets the seat. That's the rubbish seat that cost us 350 euro to have made...

The Beemer is coming along nicely aswell, we've shortened the seat and mounted the rear light and stuff and also cut and mounted the carburetor funnels. Tires are ordered and we've decided to go for a dirtbike-scrambler look. Took it for a testride last week, bloody cold but great fun!

It's so weird being here and follow the news about the Fukushima plant and hearing about the devastation along the north-east cost of Japan, I wonder how it will feel to go back to Tokyo. I wonder if I still have a job after being away so long...


  1. I absolutely loved the way that dunstall tank looked on the 650. Sad to see it go. Too bad about the seat too. Keep up the good work

  2. Yea, scary situation over there. Cant really see how they can reubuild in those destroyed areas. i wouldnt want to invest or live there with tsunami threat over my head. And as for the radiation, shit... awful.

    Glad to hear you are keeping busy. Always therapeutic to be creative and productive.
    Either Olas is one big dude or thats one tiny motorcycle!

    Good luck man, hope it works out for you ok. If not I guess Gerald and seb would be happy to hear from you : )

  3. @Charles, sorry 'bout da tank, it'll come back on some other bike -promise!

    @Piers, yessirrr -Ola is humongous! :) The bikes are getting the carbs setup right now, will be ridable in a few days. I'm at the airport heading back to japan though...

  4. >Yes, Yes, That motherfucker is big and very very dangerous. Not to be thrusted... I have been saying this over and over again, I am worried for you, Rama says not happy ending in my ear,

    Be very observant my friend,