Rain and BBQ

Been away riding with some friends from work yesterday and today, we went to a volcanic lake where you could see nothing because of the mist and rain. Then we went to a panorama-viewing spot where we also could see nothing else than a white wall of clouds... Then I lost my central stand on the Ducati. And after that we got caught in a massive rainfall and got completely soaked. But the BBQ yesterday night made up for all that and what does some rust on the brake discs matter when your boots are still soaked from the day before anyway?! And it seems that it's just a matter of time before my sidestand will collapse, but all in good time, no need for concerns yet, the bike is lighter, hence faster, without the central stand anyway.

Arigatou 96 for the 45.

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  1. Well indeed,
    Looks very much like fun, I´m telling you now and have told you before, This would never ever have happened to an Enfield. Very many politly hugs and kisses from lovely India nah,