Ola goes panorama wild

My very bestestest friend Ola came over a little while ago, was really good to spend some time together, we rented a bike for him and finally got out riding together here in Japan. Great 3-day trip, which on the last day had me almost crying in pain from riding the Ducati over 500km in a day. Doesn't sound so bad? Well, those 500 took us from 14 hours with only around 2-3 hours of breaktime for food and fuel. Still not so bad? Ok ok, listen, my tank is the original S2 tank which is supposed have a much higher seat fitted and the edges at the back are pretty sharp and get quite wide at the base, they cut in to your groin pretty nicely and gives your package a rather solid beating over time... If I had the same leg proportions as a Playmobil-figure it'd be no problem, but then again -if that was the case, how the hell are you supposed to shift and brake if you can't bend your knees??

Anyway, wonderful fantastic twisty roads with almost no traffic and beautiful surroundings. And I learned that there's a certain chain of mountains that you can't cross over but have to ride around, good to know for the future. Ola learned knew things as well, his camera has a panorama function which he went all out with meaning I had to wait all the time for mr Panorama to finish being a tourist... And he learned that it makes sense to bring a second set of pants when you go riding, you'll see what I mean as soon as I finish a little video I'm cutting together from the riding.

 Ola, oh so hostile while taking his bath, bad bad manners...

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