CBs getting ready!

Heading over to Norway in a few weeks time for riding (weird what's going on there right now, but not much one can do about fanatics like that...), the CB650 is back from being fixed at the painter after it caught fire a while back, it's all good again and I'm waiting for a phone call to go pick up the new seat for it as well. Also Andis CB (top) is pretty close to it's comeback on the road after a loooong absence (only ridden once??). Christians BMW (bottom pic) is always ready I guess, maybe just some fresh glue to keep some parts together?? And mine and Olas BMW are also ready for action after Olas little crash earlier this year, it even has a horn now! We might even have a guest or two for some part of the trip, would be fun! I can't wait to get going, I have even managed to get super-mega-extra-long summer vacation and I'm so looking forward to spend most of it on a bike!


  1. Sweet bike Andy,
    Made serious changes since last I saw it.
    Looking forwards to Norway with you guys..


  2. That seat and cowl on Andi's bike is perfect! I need to find out who made it. I would like to have one made for my CB900F. Please contact me. PLEASE!!!!


  3. @EofA, Mr Andi modelled the seat himself in 3D (alias) and then had it milled in hard-foam to use as a base for making the fibreglass piece which you see on the bike. Not sure if the milled piece survived, but I'll ask if you're interested? He lives in Germany though, so it'll be a costly little mission probably...

  4. Yikes... yeah maybe if you could contact him for some more pictures of it, I could try my own handy work at creating it myself.

    Thanks for getting back to me!